A Miscellany

Lest We Forget

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
"Did you know the ridge was taken when you fell? Could you have died aware of the importance of the victory wrought by you and your fellow soldiers of the Canadian Corps?"

Vimy Memorial
"I have never seen an area as shattered and reshaped by high explosive as the fields around the Vimy Memorial. It is hard to imagine walking easily across them now, with a grassy surface, good footwear and no heavy pack."

Dieppe Cemetery
Each Canadian headstone is adorned by an engraved, stylized, maple leaf (those of British soldiers have their Regimental, Corps or Service crest). Below is the soldier's name, rank and regiment.

Medals and Badges

Medals and Badges - Fakes and Copies

C.A.R.O. No. 6719 - Campaign Stars, Clasps, The Defence Medal and the War Medal 1939-45
"His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve the institution of The War Medal 1939-45 and changes in the time qualification for the Campaign Stars and The Defence Medal as set out hereunder."

A Timeline of British Campaign Medals plus UN and NATO Medals from 1758 to present.

Researching Canadian Soldiers of the First World War

Researching Military Records

Worthy items that just don't fit elsewhere …

Perpetuation of CEF Units
As the end of the Great War became a realistic possibility, the Canadian Government knew that it would have to resolve the dilemma of maintaining the memory of the achievements and successes of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Recommended Reading
This recommended reading list was started as a result of a discussion on the Canadian Army Mailing List hosted by the (Unofficial) Canadian Army HomePage. It is by no means exclusive or complete.

The Frontenac Times
In memory of the dedicated few who struggled to publish the Wipers Times and all similar papers, I wrote, edited and published "The Frontenac Times" a 4-page weekly newssheet for the amusement of my fellow sufferers at the hands of our Directing Staff at the Canadian Army's staff college (CLFCSC).

In Praise of Infantry
"Let us be clear about three facts. First, all battles and all wars are won in the end by the infantryman."

Naval Toast of the Day
Naval Toasts of the Day

Military Quotes

Toasts in the Army (1948)

Duties of the CSM and CQMS (1942)

Standing Orders for the Fortress of Halifax, N.S.; 1908

The "Man-in-the-Dark" Theory of Infantry Tactics and the "Expanding Torrent" System of Attack, by Captain B.H. Lidell-Hart, K.O.Y.L.I.

Section Leading; A Guide for the Training of Non-Commissioned Officers as Commanders and Rifle Sections, 1928 (PDF)

Boer War Battles
Subject: Boer War Engagements; requested engagement names were; Leliefontein, Israel’s Poort, Sunnyside Kopje, Dornkop, and Kalkheuwel Pass

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