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Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation

The Commander-in-Chief (CinC) Unit Commendation may be awarded to any unit or sub-unit of the Canadian Forces (CF), or to any similar organization of a foreign armed force working with or in conjunction with the CF, that has performed an extraordinary deed or activity of a rare high standard in extremely hazardous circumstances.

CinC Unit Commendations are restricted to war or war-like conditions in an active theatre of operations. Service that is considered beyond the demands of normal duty that does not qualify for a CinC Unit Commendation may be considered for the CF Unit Commendation.

Mike Company, 3 RCR Awarded CF Unit Commendation

Pro Patria, Issue No. 70, April 1991

"The CDS has approved the award of the Canadian Forces Unit Commendation to "M" Company, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment for its outstanding service in providing high level security for the Canadian Air Task Group Middle East (CATGME) in Doha, Qatar, operating as part of the multi-national interdiction force in the Persian Gulf in the implementation of United Nations Resolutions 661 and 665.

Despite the extreme difficulty of operating under harsh climatic, geographic and cultural conditions, "M" Company established, with persistence and professionalism, a well coordinated and combat capable security posture for the CATGME elements. Through their determination and the use of diplomacy they achieved unqualified success in the integration of their security posture with those of other Allied security forces in the area and provided excellent support throughout the airfield defence system."

Gen A.J .G.D. De Chastelain

Pro Patria

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