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3 RCR Presented New Colours

Sgt D.C. Rock, CD
Pro Patria #17; August 1973

August 2, 1973, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario on a blistering hot summer afternoon, I had the pleasure to witness the presentation of New Colours to 3 RCR by Field Marshal, His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, PC, KT, OM, GBE, CD, Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Prior to the arrival of HRH you could hear the excitement of hundreds of spectators from all ages. To the delight of all, the battalion marched on in splendid fashion. Imagine the battalion on parade, the dignitaries in position, the Press with their cameras and pens at the ready and everyone eagerly awaiting and hoping to get a good, though distant look at HRH. Then a roar swept over the lawns, spectators began clapping, it was the arrival of HRH in an open Eldorado Cadillac. Just to see all his medals and those alert looking Aids was an experience in itself. The Royal Salute followed and then HRH accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel S.W. Spencer, CD, Commanding Officer inspected the battalion while the massed pipes and brass bands played, "My Home - The Piper's Waltz".

The Piper's drums were stacked and on them the new colours were rested. One is the Queen's Colour based on the flag of Canada. It includes a Royal device within the Maple Leaf, with the roman numeral three in its centre. It represents the battalion's loyalty to the Queen and Canada. The Regimental colour is of royal blue with the names of twenty-five of The Regiment's fifty-seven battle honors emblazoned around the Royal Cypher. The colours were consecrated by; Clergymen, Captain G.D. Prowse, and Chaplain (RC) Captain R.H. McKenna and officially presented by HRH. HRH then addressed the battalion and that was responded to by Major-General D.C. Spry, CBE,DSO,CD, Colonel of The Regiment.

After compliments were paid to the New Colours, the Escort moved to position for the Trooping. The battalion then marched by the reviewing stand in slow and quick time while HRH took the salute.

The following are Parade appointments:

Colonel of The Regiment - Major General D.C. Spry, CBE,DSO,CD
Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel S.W. Spencer, CD
Special Equerry to the Colonel-in-Chief - Major C.E.S. Ryley, CD
Adjutant - Captain G.R. Caffery, CD
Regimental Sergeant Major - Chief Warrant Officer R.A. Boyle, CD
Clergymen - Captain G.P. Prowse
Chaplain (RC) Captain R.H. McKenna


Major G.A. Kennedy, CD
Captain J.S. Selkirk
Lieutenant B.G. Monk
Master Warrant Officer B. Damjanoff, CD
Warrant Officer D.W. Handley, CD

2 Guard

Major or G. Meharg, CD
Captain G. E. Moore, CD
Lieutenant G.A. Labelle
Warrant Officer D.L. Wharry, CD
Warrant Officer R.J.P. Cormier, CD

3 Guard

Major D.A. Jazey, CD
Captain M.J. Swan
Lieutenant R.L. Holt
Master Warrant Officer F.R. Martingale, CD
Warrant Officer N.W. Northrup, CD

4 Guard

Major M.G. O'Brien, CD
Captain J.T. McEvoy
Captain T.D. Fugleberg
Master Warrant Officer K.J. Wood, CD
Warrant Officer L.G. Gibbery, CD

5 Guard

Captain D.G. Decler
Captain J.D. Beavis
Lieutenant T.H. Fox, CD
Warrant Officer V.M. Cameron, CD
Warrant Officer J.K. Boehne, CD

6 Guard

Captain R.P.D. Brook
Captain R.J. Dick
Lieutenant L.R. Hiller, CD
Warrant Officer W.L. Bonderud, CD
Warrant Officer G.O. Hickey, CD

Colour Party

Queen's Colour - Lieutenant J.H. Collinson
Regimental Colour - Lieutenant R.C. Smith
Master Warrant Officer W. White, CD
Warrant Officer T.A. Kingston, CD
Warrant Officer V.G. Balkam, CD

One of the most moving moments of the ceremony came after HRH had left the Hill. As the battalion marched past the crowd, they were greeted by wave after wave of applause. As the troops went by, the Pipe Band was playing Scotland the Brave, which is punctuated several times by bandsmen giving a shout of joy. The cry was taken up by the marching soldiers. Spectators broke into applause, voices yelled "Well done... well done boys.. dam good show!"

Following the ceremony approximately 1000 people jammed the west block on the hill to partake in a reception. It was certainly nice to meet a lot of old acquaintances. Everyone who had anything to do with the parade, reception and preparation deserves a real "Royal" salute. Congratulations 3 RCR.

Pro Patria

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