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Flashback December, 1954, Fort Churchill

"Bask" at Five Below in Northern Army Test

Reproduced from Pro Patria #17; August 1973

More than 500 officers and men of the Canadian Army and Air Force have moved in on this sub-Arctic military post to test fighting man and his equipment against the winter elements.

Eight-Day Scheme

Exercise Bulldog II on the shores of Hudson Bay, 30 miles from this joint services post, will bring Western Army Command and No. 1 Tactical Air Command together in an eight-day scheme.

Weather will be the important factor. This week Fort Churchill has been "basking" in five below weather and light winds, but the situation could change overnight.

The exercise has been planned on the theory that an enemy has landed in the sub-arctic. The ARMY and RCAF will be required to launch an airborne assault to reduce the "enemy" lodgement using Edmonton as the main base for operations and Fort Churchill as an advanced base.

Yesterday, a company of 1st Battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment, moved to the exercise area from Fort Churchill to play the role of the "enemy".

Airborne Support

The 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment of London, commanded by LCol T.R. McCoy of Hamilton with airborne support elements such as Artillery, Signals, Medical and Army Service Corps, will form the assault force. Canadian Rangers in this area will also participate.

No. 1 Tactical Air Command RCAF, based at Churchill, will control transport, reconnaissance, administrative and medical evacuation aircraft. Two RCAF transport flying C-119 Packets will take part. They are 435 Squadron, based at Edmonton and 436 Squadron based at Dorval, Quebec. No.408 Photo Reconnaissance Squadron of Rockcliffe, will also participate.

MGen Chris Yokes, General Officer Commanding, Western Command, and Air Commodore Sheldon W. Coleman, Air officer Commanding No. 1 Tactical Air Command, RCAF, will have overall control of the exercise.

Buildings Erected

Buildings have been erected at the site to simulate a northern weather station. This station will be put off the air Friday to indicate the "enemy" landing and start of the exercises.

To create the realism and difficulties of northern operations all personnel, weapons, equipment and supplies of the attacking force will be parachuted into battle.

Pro Patria

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