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"55 AXIS" - Appendix II

(Reproduced from "55 AXIS"; with the Royal Canadian Regiment 1939-1945, by Major Strome Galloway)

Itinerary of The Royal Canadian Regiment 1939-1945

Valcartier, P.Q. (concentration) Nov. 15 to Dec. 17
Halifax, N.S. (embarkation) Dec. 19 to Dec. 22
Gourock, Glasgow, Scotland (disembarkation) Dec. 30
Aldershot, England (initial destination) Dec. 31
Dover, England (above expedition) May 23 to May 24
Rushden.,Northants Eng. (anti-invasion role May 31 to June 6
Mytchett Lake. Hants., Eng. (staging area) June 7 to June 12
Farnborough, Hants., Eng. (entrainment) June 12
Plymouth, Devon. Eng. (embarkation) June 13
Brest, Brittany, France (disembarkation) June 14
Chateaubriant, Loire, France (aboard train) June 15
Brest, France. (evacuation) June 15-16
Plymouth, England (disembarkation) June 17
Aldershot. (reorganization) June 18 to mid-July
Charlwood, Surrey (G.H.Q. Reserve) July to Sept.
Reigate-Redhill, Surrey (G.H.Q. Reserve) Oct.-Nov.
Brighton, Sussex (Coastal defences) Dec.
Reigate-Rednill, Surrey (G.H.Q. Reserve) Jan.-March
Chipstead area, Surrey (summer quarters) Apr.-Nov .
Selsey Bill, Sussex (Coastal defences) Nov.-Dec.
Bognor Regis, Sussex (Coastal defences) Jan.-April
Arundel Park, Sussex (summer quarters) April-August
Possingworth Park, Sussex (summer quarters) August
Newick-Chailey, Sussex (autumn quarters) September
Possingworth Park (hutted camp. winter qtrs) Oct.-Nov.
Inverary, Argyll, Scotland (combined ops trg) December
Possingworth Park- Worthing area - Possingworth ParkJanuary to April
Inverary, Argyll (combined ops training)April-May
Cumnock-Auckinleck, Ayr, Scotland (mobilization)May-June
Gouroc, Glasgow, Scotland (embarkation)June 13 to June 28
Pachino (assault landing)July 10
Rosolini (pursuit)July 11
Giarratana (pursuit)July 13
Vizzini (pursuit)Julyl5
Laltagirone (pursuit)July 16
Piazza Amerina (pursuit)July 17
Valguarnera (battle)July 18-19
Assoro (battle)July 21-24
Nissoria (battle)July 24-25
Leonforte (rest)July26
Regalbuto (battle)July 31-Aug.4
Adrano (pursuit)Aug.6-11
Scordia (rest)Aug.l2-Sept.1
San Teresa di Riva (embarkation)Sept. 2-3
Reggio di Calabria (disembarkation)Sept.3
Gambaria (pursuit)Sept.7
Locri (pursuit)Sept.9
Catanzaro (pursuit)Sept. 10
Pentone (pursuit)Sept. 10-16
Montalbano (rest)Sept. 18-28
Canosa (assembly)Sept. 29
Motta (battle)Oct. 1
Motta Ridge (battle)Oct. 3
San Marco (battle)Oct. 4-5
Hil1400 (battle)Oct. 6-12
Campobasso (battle)Oct. 14
Busso (battle)Oct. 19
Orantino (battle)Oct. 23
Castropignano (battle)Oct. 26
Molise (pursuit)Oct. 29-Nov.1
Duronia (rest)Nov. 2-29
Fossacesia (assembly)Dec. 4
San Vito (battle for Ortona)Dec. 6
The Moro River (battle)Dec. 9-17
Ortona Crossroads (battle)Dec. 18-23
Battle of the G__ies Dec. 23-29
San Nicola-San Tomasso (static warfare)Jan.-Feb.
Ortona (static front)Feb.-Apr.
Near Campobasso ( training area)Apr. 23-30
Near Lucera ( training area)Apr. 30-May 5
Limatola (training)May 6-May 14
Point 59 Gustav Line (battle)May 16
Pontecorvo Hitler Line (battle)May 24
Ferentino (Liri Valley pursuit)June 1
Anagni (Liri Valley pursuit)June 3-9
Piedimonte d’Alife (rest and training)June 9-July 26
Near Valmontone (staging area)July 26-27
Rome (move to Northern Italy)July 27
Spoleto (staging area)July 27-Aug.1
Castelinain Chianti (assembly)Aug. 2-6
Florence (holding river line)Aug. 6-9
Siena (staging area)Aug. 9-10
Perugia (training)Aug. 10-17
Peinello (assembly)Aug. 18-22
Monte Maggiore (Start Point) Metauro River.Aug. 23-25
Sultara (battle)Aug. 26
Monte Giano (battle)Aug. 27
Villa Grande (rest)Aug. 29-Sept.2
Abissinia (battle)Sept. 3-4
Riccione (battle)Sept. 5
San Lorenzo in Strada (battle)Sept. 6-7
Gradara (rest)Sept. 8-14
Rimini airfield (battle)Sept. 15-22
Riccione (rest)Sept. 23-0ct. 10
Advance to Cesena (Rubicon) (battle)Oct. 10-18
Sant Arcangelo (rest) 'The Mudhole.' Oct. 18-Nov. 1
Riccione(rest)Nov. 1-28
Lamone Crossing (battle)Dec. 4-5
LamoneRiverline (battle)Dec. 5-11
Vecchio Crossing. N.E. Bagnacavallo (battle)Dec. 11-14
Vecchio Crossing, S.E. Bagnacavallo (battle)Dec. 14-23
Cotignola (static front and local attacks )Dec. 23-28
San Pancrazio (rest)Dec. 28-31
San Pancrazio (rest)Jan. 1-3
Villa Nova (counter-attack role)Jan. 3-10
South of Bagnacavallo (static front)Jan. 11-28
Russi (rest)Jan. 28-Feb. 3
Conventello-Comacchio lagoon area (static front)Feb. 3-23
Cesenatico (staging area) Feb. 23-25
Grottamare (staging area)Feb. 25-28
Foligno (staging area)Feb. 28-Mar.41
Pontassieve (staging area).. Mar.I-2
South of Pisa (staging area)Mar. 2-7
Leghorn (embarkation)Mar. 7
Marseille, France (disembarkation)Mar. 9
North of Marseille (staging area)Mar. 9-11
North of St. Rambert D’Albon (staging area)Mar. 11-12
North of Macon (staging area)Mar. 12-13
North of Les Laumes (staging area)Mar. 13-14
East of Melun (staging area)Mar. 14-15
East of Cambrai (staging area)Mar. 15-16
Schilde, Antwerp, Belgium (rest)Mar. 16-Apr. 3
Reichwald, Germany (assembly)Apr. 3-Apr. 9
Eefde Holland (assembly)Apr. 9-12
Apeldoorn, Holland (battle)Apr. 12-17
Milligan, Holland, (reserve)Apr.17-18
Garderen, Holland (rest)Apr. 18-May 7
Ijmuiden, Holland (disarming enemy)May 8-June 20
Soestdijk. Holland (assembly for return U.K.)June 20
United Kingdom (enroute to Canada)September
Halifax, N.S. (disembarkation) Sept. 30
London, Ontario (demobilization)Oct. 1

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