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Military Medal

The Military Medal, awarded to Warrant Officers, non-commissioned officers and men for individual or associated acts of bravery on the recommendation of a Commander-in-Chief in the field. Source: Veterans Affairs Canada (Medal description)


Reproduced from Pro Patria No. 21, August 1974

27 June, 1974

From: Mr. Dudley D. Spencer

This is a long shot and must go searching for a clue among the survivors of The Regiment, who returned to Canada from WW I in 1919. In 1915, we surrendered Permanent Force Regimental Numbers and took on a block of C.E.F. Numbers from 477,000 to 478,000 at Quested Farm near Folkestone, England.

My problem is, in early June I came across a news item in the obituary column of the Toronto Star telling of the death of John Buntain, MM, Regimental Number 477422 of The RCR at Sunnybrook hospital 19 May 74 and it appears that he had no family.

The only 477 man known to me lives in Toronto #477313 Sgt Abe Foster, MM, who won his decoration in 1916. This man was the greatest track man in the Canadian Army. His cups and trophies were numerous and he won all Regimental honours; Brigade, Division, Corps & Army championships, also at White City cleaned the board by his prowess as a runner of note. Even today he stands tall & as straight as a button stick. Every inch of his 6' frame portrays his athletic ability.

Now, how many 477 men can remember a #477422 John Buntain, MM, The RCR; it's beyond my memory. Perhaps someone may recall his name and how he won his MM with The Regiment.

Respectfully submitted,

Dudley D. Spencer
The RCR 1914-1918
Regimental number 477869

Follow-up comments from the Regimental Adjutant:

The Personnel Records of the First World War database provides the following names when a search is conducted on the regimental number "477422":

There is no attestation paper shown for John Buntain, and the inclusion of a second name after the oblique slash normally indicates that the soldier's file is found under another name.

Harry Holmes' attestation paper is on line.  Originally Regimental Number 20353, the attestation paper shows that Holmes attested for overseas service with The RCR on 25 August 1915 at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

477422 Pte Harry HOLMES, The RCR, received the Military Medal. He was gazetted in the London Gazette on 11 Feb 1919.

Pro Patria

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