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Rates of Pay in 1912

(Reproduced from The Connecting File, Spring and Summer 1954; based on source material in the Regimental Museum.)

The following is published for our readers to make comparison with the present day. Extracts from booklet retained in the Regimental Museum:

Advantage of the Permanent Force?

Conditions on which young men are invited to join the Permanent Force of Canada

(By authority of the Militia Council 1912)

Rates of Pay

On appointment After 4 yrs
Regimental Sergeant-Major$2.00
2nd Corporal..75.80
Lance Corporal.60.70
Private, on enlistment..50
Private, after 3 yrs qualifying service.60
Private, after 6 yrs qualifying service.70
Trumpeter, bugler, drummer and boys under 18 years.40

Deferred Pay

Deferred pay at the rates specified below is granted in addition to Regimental pay, to men not above the rank of Corporal.
1st year2 cents per diem
2nd year3 cents per diem
3rd year4 cents per diem
4th year5 cents per diem
5th year6 cents per diem
6th year7 cents per diem


A recruit also receive a free kit on joining as follows:

Boots prs ankle2
Cap, forage khaki1
Cape, khaki1
Frock khaki1
Great coat1
Puttees prs, khaki1
Shirts, service1
Trousers prs, service1
Trousers prs khaki1
Cardigan jacket1

Quarters, bedding, fuel and light are supplied without payment, but the soldier has to pay for his washing and hair cutting.

Medical Attendance - soldiers admitted into hospital receive the necessary diet and surgical and medical treatment. If admitted from wounds received in action, from illness contracted on service in the field, or from injuries during drill or manoever on peace service, free treatment is given. If admitted on account of injuries received in the performance of military duty a stoppage of 10 cents a day is made (including washing).

In other circumstances a stoppage of 15 cents is required.

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