Researching The Royal Canadian Regiment

The First 51 Recruits

Col. Sjt. L. L. Morash.
The Connecting File, Volume XIV, No. 2; April, 1935

Halifax, N.S.,
February 11, 1935.


London, Ontario, Canada:

Dear Sir: On looking through some old records of the good old R.C.R. that I have in my possession, I am passing along to you some extracts which I hope will be of some interest to you and that you may see fit to publish it or at least some of it in THE CONNECTING FILE.

Foundation of the R.C.R. was Infantry School Corps, December 21, 1883.

Signatures of first three Officers:

Capt. W. D. Gordon7 Jan 1884
Lieut. D. Douglass Young7 Jan 1884
Lieut. T. D. R. Hemming7 Jan 1884

The following are signatures of other Officers who signed for recruits on enlistment from time to time:

G. D. Maunsell18 Jan 1884
Lawrence Buchan2 Jun 1891
R. L. Wadmore1 Nov 1892
C. F. O. Fisel3 Jan 1896
A. P. B. Nagle1 Jul 1899
A. E. Carpenter30 Nov 1900
F. A. Lister2 May 1902
H. K. Betty26 Jun 1903
J. Carlin2 Aug 1904

This being the 51st Anniversary of the formation of The Regiment, I will give you the names of the first 51 recruits. They are as follows:

2001S.M.Thos. McKenzie7 Jan 1884
2002CorplR. Mayne7 Jan 1884
2003CorplR. Cochrane7 Jan 1884
2004PteWm. Leek7 Jan 1884
2005PteJ. Murphy7 Jan 1884
2006PteT. Hauk7 Jan 1884
2007PteE. Foster7 Jan 1884
2008PteG. Butterwick7 Jan 1884
2009PteC.S. Nason7 Jan 1884
2010PteA. Anderson7 Jan 1884
2011PteChas. Nason7 Jan 1884
2012PteR. Mersereau7 Jan 1884
2013PteG.A. Little7 Jan 1884
2014PteEdward Jones7 Jan 1884
2016PteM. Murray10 Jan 1884
2017PteW.A. Daniel10 Jan 1884
2018PteL. Pond10 Jan 1884
2019PteT.M. Torrance10 Jan 1884
2020PteG. H. Coyle10 Jan 1884
2021PteF.W. Smith11 Jan 1884
2022PteJohn Morrison11 Jan 1884
2023PteH.V. Longard11 Jan 1884
2024PteJ. Taylor11 Jan 1884
2025PteJ. Stephen11 Jan 1884
2026PteWm.W. Walker12 Jan 1884
2027PteW.C. Time12 Jan 1884
2028PteA.P. Wheaton14 Jan 1884
2029PteC.J. Hayes14 Jan 1884
2030PteJ. Cantall14 Jan 1884
2031PteA. Esty15 Jan 1884
2032PteJ. Jackson15 Jan 1884
2033PteWm. Knox16 Jan 1884
2034PteWm. Winn16 Jan 1884
2035PteJ.M. Chappell18 Jan 1884
2036PteW. Sullivan18 Jan 1884
2037PteJ. McMillan19 Jan 1884
2038PteRichard Holland22 Jan 1884
2039PteJohn Williams23 Jan 1884
2040PteJohn Gould24 Jan 1884
2041PteM. McClinchen24 Jan 1884
2042PteFred. Allen28 Jan 1884
2043PteMilton, Hewell28 Jan 1884
2044PteJ.A. Fowlie30 Jan 1884
2045PteF.G. Fowlie30 Jan 1884
2046PteA.F. Cameron30 Jan 1884
2047PteR.W. Smith30 Jan 1884
2048PteR.W. Bowles4 Feb 1884
2049PteJ.B. Campbell5 Feb 1884
2050PteA.Henry5 Feb 1884
2051PteE.P. Doherty6 Feb 1884
2052PteRichard Estey8 Feb 1884

No record of Regimental No. 2015.

From 7-1-84 to 6-1-87 there were 176 enlistments.

First four Senior N.C.O's of Regiment:

Declaration on Enlistment:

We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, declare that we have taken the oath of allegiance to the Sovereign, and that we voluntarily agree to serve in the Infantry School Corps of the Active Militia Force or for General Service for a period of three years, under the conditions of the Government of the Active Militia Force of Canada, as set forth in the Consolidated Militia Act of 1883, and in the regulations prescribed or hereafter to be prescribed for the same.

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