The Royal Canadian Regiment and
The First World War - 1914-1919

Contay British Cemetery

Contay is a village on the main road, Amiens to Arras. The Cemetery lies on the left (north east) side of the road to Franvillers. There is a CWGC road sign next to the church and square of the village and next to the D23, Franvillers - Corbie, sign. The distance from the CWGC sign to the Cemetery is approximately 650 metres.

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Royal Canadians buried at the Contay British Cemetery are listed below.

Regt. No. Rank. Given Names. Surname. Date of Death. Remarks. CVWM/CWGC Link; Grave Ref.
477027A/L-CplStanley FrancisBAJUS17-Sep-16CVWM
I. C. 17.
477342PteArthur PeterGIFFORD12-Sep-16CVWM
I. D. 11.
460324PteRoderick RossJONES04-Oct-16CVWM
I. F. 21.
II. E. 20.
454062PteGeorge FrederickKING18-Sep-16CVWM
II. B. 27.
II. E. 12.
II. C. 1.
228491PteGeorge RobertO'DONNELL06-Oct-18CVWM
II. E. 8.
455657PteErnest WilliamPARTRIDGE09-Oct-16CVWM
IV. A. 10.
488293PteJames EdwardSTICKELS09-Oct-16CVWM
IV. A. 8.
I. C. II.
I. C. 22.

Contay British Cemetery Pte Stanley Bajus Pte Arthur Gifford Pte Roderick Jones Pte Joseph King Pte George King Pte Edward McDonald Pte Joseph Mulcahy Pte George O'Donnell Pte Ernest Partridge Pte James Stickels Pte Henry Treusch Pte Eddie Wall

All photos by Avalon Eastman except for Pte Stickels, which was taken by Robert Pike, both are members of the Great War Forum.

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