The Royal Canadian Regiment and
The First World War - 1914-1919

Valenciennes (St. Roch) Communal Cemetery

Valenciennes (St Roch) Communal Cemetery is situated on the north-east side of Valenciennes, about 1.5 kilometres from the centre. It is on the north side of the road to Bruay-sur-L'Escaut.

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Royal Canadians buried at the Valenciennes (St. Roch) Communal Cemetery are listed below.

Regt. No. Rank. Given Names. Surname. Date of Death. Remarks. CVWM/CWGC Link; Grave Ref.
II. E. 8.
3180092PteArchie PeterDOWNEY22-Oct-18CVWM
II. E. 7.
3204245PteGeorge UrvilleELLANDS23-Oct-18CVWM
II. D. 26.
3181461PteAvard ReginaldMADER22-Oct-18CVWM
II. E. 9.
877992PteArchibald AndrewMcLELLAN11-Nov-18MMCVWM
I. D. 8.
734528PteClarence MelvinSHOLDS11-Nov-18CVWM
I. C. 22.
3181140PteJohn JosephTOBIN23-Oct-18CVWM
II. D. 22.
478699L-CplClarence AldenWATERMAN25-Oct-18MMCVWM
II. D. 27.

Pte George Arsenault Pte Archie Downey Pte George Ellands Pte Arvard Mader Pte Archibald McLellan, M.M. Pte Clarence Sholds Pte John Tobin L.-Cpl. Clarence Waterman, M.M.

Photos by Alain Dubois, a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group

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