The Royal Canadian Regiment and
The First World War - 1914-1919

Raillencourt Communal Cemetery Extension

Raillencourt is a village in the Department of the Nord, about 5 kilometres west of Cambrai on the main road to Arras, D939. The Communal Cemetery is located on the main road about 700 metres from the entrance to the village from the Arras side. [sic]

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Royal Canadians buried at the Raillencourt Communal Cemetery Extension are listed below.

Regt. No. Rank. Given Names. Surname. Date of Death. Remarks. CVWM/CWGC Link; Grave Ref.
817735PteWilliamARSENEAULT28-Sep-18 CVWM
I. C. 24.
1060263PteAmos ArchibaldBAKER28-Sep-18CVWM
I. C. 16.
877301PteArthurBONE28-Sep-18Enlisted as Arthur Bone, CVWM page confirmed family name as Bonin.CVWM
I. A. 6.
I. A. I.
818090PteEdwin AmbroseJONES30-Sep-18CVWM
I. C. 9.
733058PteWaldoLYMAN28-Sep-18DCM, MMCVWM
I. A. 4.
734265PteLloyd HastingsMARSHALL28-Sep-18CVWM
I. A. 11.
877491PteMalcolm AngusMcINNIS28-Sep-18CVWM
I. A. 8.
454931PteEdward JohnMOORE30-Sep-18CVWM
II. A. 18.
877775PteMichael JamesO'DAY30-Sep-18MMCVWM
I. B. 22.
3180566PteHerbert CecilPHILLIPS28-Sep-18CVWM
I. C. 19.
878226PteThomas JosephPIPPY30-Sep-18CVWM
I. C. 18.
733538PteAlyne HamiltonSCOTT28-Sep-18CVWM
I. A. 3.
488275PteRaymond EdwardSMITH30-Sep-18CVWM
I. C. 23.
734185PteVernird OlsinTOWNER28-Sep-18CVWM
I. B. 3.
513408PteHoward JamesVANSTONE30-Sep-18CVWM
I. C. 20.

Raillencourt Communal Cemetery Extension Pte William Arsenault and Pte Raymond Smith Pte Amos Baker Pte Arthur Bonin (Bone) Pte Walter Gordon Pte Edwin Jones Pte Waldo Lyman and Pte Alyne Scott Pte Lloyd Marshall Pte Malcolm McInnis Pte Edward Moore Pte Michael O'Day Pte Herbert Phillips and Pte Thomas Pippy Pte Vernird Towner Pte Howard vanstone

Photos by Rémy Deruelle, who is a member of the Great War Forum.

Raillencourt Communal Cemetery Extension Raillencourt Communal Cemetery Extension Pte Amos Baker

Photos by JM Dominique, a member of the Great War Forum

CWGC headstone for Pte Alyne Scott and Pte Waldo Lyman, DCM, MM

Photo by MWO Bob Hurley, serving with the Canadian Forces in Europe (2009).

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