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Play "The Subaltern's Progress"

  Staff Duties and the Young Officer
  How to Write Effective English
  Notes and Quotes - Staff Duties
  Mess Dinners
  The Officer and Fighting Efficiency (1940)
  The Officers' Mess
  Advice to Officers (1782)
  The Young Officer's Guide to Knowledge (1915)
  An Open Letter to the Very Young Officer (1917)
  An Officer's Code (1925)
  RCSI Hints for Young Officers (1931)
  RCSI Notes on Drill (1931)
  Customs of the Service (1939)
  Hints for Newly Commissioned Officers (1943)
  Customs of the Army (1956)
"The Subaltern's Progress" (an HTML boardgame)
  How to be a Successful Subaltern (1978) 
  The RCR Regimental Standing Orders - Senior Subaltern (1992)
  A Miscellany of Advice for Subalterns
  The Young Officer and the NCO - Quotes

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