Badges of The Royal Canadian
Collar Badges


London, Ontario
24th March 1923

Deputy Minister (A.G.)
Depot. of National Defence (Militia Service)
Ottawa, Ontario

Badges - The Royal Canadian Regiment

With reference to H.Q. letter of the 16th instant, the Officer Commanding The Royal Canadian Regiment has submitted a recommendation that the collar badges worn on khaki by the officers of the unit under his command, be changed from bronze to brass.

The reason given for this recommendation is that in time the bronze wears off the present collar badges, giving them the appearance of brass badges not properly cleaned.

The cost of brass badges would be much less than the cost of bronze, making the change in this respect desirable.

I concur in the recommendation of the O.C. The R.C.R., and request that it be given favourable consideration.

(W.B.M. King)
Colonel (Hon. Brig-General)
Colonel Commandant
Commanding M.D. No. 1


The Royal Canadian Regiment
Dress Regulations, 1947

Officers Dress - (Service Dress) Polished brass beavers worn horizontal immediately above notches in collar heads pointing inwards.


Dress Instructions, The RCR; 1970

608.    Collar Badges

1.    the design of the collar badge is the Canadian Beaver on a ground, below is a scroll bearing the motto "Pro Patria".

2.    The following variations of the basic collar badge are worn.

a.    Officers and CWOs.  Frosted silver, 15/16 inch height, 1 7/8 inch width, on former orders of dress 3A, and 3B.

b.    Other Ranks.  Brass (electroplated) 15/16 inch height, 1 7/8 inch width, Corps of Drums and Pipes and Drums.

c.    All Ranks.  CF pattern, 5/8 inch height, 1 1/4 inch width, brass, non-polishable finish.





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