The RCR in the Great War
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 RSMs of The RCR (1914-1919)
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 An Officer's Diary (1914-1918)
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 On to Bermuda (1914-15)
  England and France 1915-1916 (Hayes; 1931)
 Overseas with The Royals (1915)
 Regimental History Pamphlet (1917)
 Amiens (1918)
 Cambrai (1918)
 Monchy-le-Preux (1918)

 Badges - Signs of the Times

 Under-aged Soldiers in The RCR
 Not All Were Volunteers; The RCR and the Military Service Act
 Sentenced to Death by Court Martial
 The 7th Trench Mortar Battery
 A Regimental Goat
 Regiment and Family, Bermuda 1914-15
 "March the Guilty Bastard In"
 Surrendered as Stowaway
 Re-Visiting the Great War Roll of Honour for The RCR

 Canadian Corps Trench Standing Orders (1916)

RCR cap badge, 1894 Guelphic crown pattern
RCR cap badge, Tudor crown, GvR cypher