3-D Archery Ranges

Shooting Lane Inspection Checklist

3-D Archery; A Guide to Course Design is now available through the Amazon Kindle Store.

Kindle bookstore link for 3-D Archery; A Guide to Course Design

An extract from 3-D Archery: A Guide to Course Design

General Observations:

1.     Is the trail clearly marked to the shooting station?

2.     Does the trail need some more tapes?

3.     Is the station number sign clearly visible from the trail on approach?

4.     Should the trail be moved?

5.     Are the shooting ribbons visible from the area of the number board (where people will stop to look)?

6.     Are there separate shooting ribbons for Juniors? Traditional?

7.     If there are not, should there be ribbons for separate classes for this target?

At the shooting ribbon (each one):

8.     Is there safe footing?

9.     Is the target clearly visible?

10.     If one of the club's or range's objectives is the preparation of bowhunters, is it a realistic hunting shot?

11.     Is there enough of a lane for archers to shoot safely?

12.     Can both right and left-handed archers shoot safely?

13.     Will shorter or taller archers be at a disadvantage because of brush, branches, etc.?

14.     Is there clearance for the higher arcing arrow trajectory required by traditional bows?

15.     Should any of the ribbons be adjusted?

At the target:

16.     Is the target securely mounted?

17.     What is the shape of the land around the target? In what direction is there a greater need for safety of passing trails, etc.?

18.     Does the ground fall away behind the target? How far will an arrow missing high travel?

19.     What is the backstop? Is it too hard (broken arrows)? Too soft (buried arrows)?

20.     Should the target be adjusted?

The outgoing trail:

21.     Where does the trail start again? At the station sign, or at the target?

22.     Is the trail marked properly and sufficiently?

23.     Are there bowhangers at the point where the trail continues?

24.     Is the trail away clearly marked?

25.     Should there be more tape marks?

26.     Is any part of the trail leading away from the target/shooting stand in danger from the next group of archers?

27.     Is a warning at the morning brief necessary?

28.     Is a warning sign at the shooting station needed?

29.     Should brush be cleared so that the next group of archers can be sure the area is clear?

30.     Should the trail be moved?

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