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A great Windows utility for:

Servicemen - Hunters - Fishermen - Hikers

Do you use military style topographical maps to navigate in the woods?

Do you plan your trips, making sure you know your route data before you depart?

Do you record data in the woods, and want an easier way to calculate the distance and direction back in to that special place?

Download a shareware version now. (Self-extracting file - 480 Kb)

{UTMCalc icon}  UTMCalc can simplify your planning and preparations by doing the tough calculations for you. UTMCalc is a windows program for executing map data calculations for military style topo maps. It will be a useful utility for:

{UTMCalc icon}  UTM Calc offers the following features:

(Use the name links to see the appropriate program screenshot.)

utm1-b-and-r.jpg (28419 bytes) Bearing and Range - determine the distance and direction between two map spot grids
utm2-polar.jpg (152640 bytes) Polar Plot - calculate a destination grid from a known point, distance and direction
utm3-inter.jpg (151708 bytes) Intersection Calculator - calculate a target grid from two known points and the directions from those points to the target
utm4-2res.jpg (150738 bytes) utm5-3res.jpg (145594 bytes) Two and Three Point Resections - find a location from bearings to two or three landmarks
utm6-dec.jpg (117580 bytes) Declination - calculate the current difference between magnetic and grid north for your map
utm7-rp.jpg (85797 bytes) Route Planner - insert up to ten grid references, the calculator will give distance and direction for each leg of the route, including the data back to the start point and a total distance. The Route Planner data can be copied to the Windows Clipboard for insertion in other programs
bng-conv.jpg (14938 bytes) Also Available - a mil/degree-minute bearing converter. This program is available here for you to download. (Self-extracting file - 295 Kb)

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